Home And Office Automation


Our company provides a variety of services including:

  • Lighting solutions
  • Television control
  • Control Curtains
  • Control Main Gate or Garage
  • Control Water Heaters
  • Control Coffee Machines
  • Motion Sensors
  •  Creating Schedules

Voice Control

Schdules and Routines


Control your home by simply talking to it

  • Turn on and off your lights, fans, music, AC's,  water heaters, coffee machines, etc.

  • Change the brightness and colour of lights

  • Change the fan speed and AC temperature

  • Open and close your curtains

Automate routines and set daily schedules

  • Switch on lights, and open curtains at a given time
  • Play news briefing, or wake up to your favourite music
  • Get weather updates
  • Set your water heater to come on at a certain time and switch off after a set time

No need to rewire your entire house or office

  • It fits behind your existing wall switch board
  • Installed by our expert engineers and electricians
  • Can be done room by room and is completely expandable
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